The story of a mother with many children who realized her dream

Adil Mukanov: how the charity foundation helped the boy fulfill his dream and try himself in photography
For example, after the establishment of the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund was announced , the bank was one of the first to send 3 billion tenge from its own funds to this fund. The funds accumulated in the fund are used to solve problems in the field of healthcare, education and social support. With its help, seriously ill children can receive expensive treatment. The Bank did not stand aside even when the tragic events of January took place. To support the families of the deceased law enforcement officers and special services, the bank transferred 5 million tenge to each family. Support from Halyk Bank was also provided to entrepreneurs from the microbusiness sector working in Almaty who suffered as a result of the January events. They were provided with a grant in the amount of 1 million tenge for restoration work, including the purchase of necessary equipment. The total amount of assistance amounted to 500 million tenge.
n early September 2022, large-scale fires occurred on the territory of two forestry departments of the KSU " Basaman Forestry Institution" in Kostanay region. Their area exceeded 43 thousand hectares, several dozen residential buildings were damaged. Halyk The Bank was the first of the commercial structures to respond to the tragedy, sending monetary assistance in the amount of 1 million tenge to each family whose house burned down. With these funds, they were able to hold out in the most difficult first days. The Bank also supports the private charitable foundation "Ayala", which implements children's charity projects in the field of health and education. The Foundation provides assistance in training and advanced training of doctors of children's hospitals, perinatal centers, maternity hospitals It also helps Kazakhstan orphanages and boarding schools, children with visual, hearing, and mental disabilities. Halyk Bank transferred about 25 million tenge to this fund for the acquisition of Словарь и онлайн перевод на английский, русский...

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