Women's cause supported by the State

Later, the entrepreneur received a grant from the Sabi Private charitable Foundation: "The project of clothes for pregnant and nursing mothers was accepted for the competition only because I have already realized my idea: I created the brand "Daria" and even monetized it. I was given a grant. But at that time I was already working on a new direction – tailoring sports uniforms" The project turned out to be so large-scale that the grant for the implementation of all Asel's plans was not enough: "With part of the funds received, I decided to build my sewing workshop in the center of Aktau, where I had my own land, and I filled up the missing amount through a preferential loan at 8% in the Damu Fund, but after a month the conditions of state support changed and the rate dropped to 6% per annum. This is, of course, cool. Now, including thanks to the Damu Foundation, the sewing workshop has a roof over its head. My seamstresses and seamstresses no longer need to go to the outskirts of the city, where I could rent a room at a reasonable price, no need to freeze because of the lack of
Zhuma Nurgalieva does not stop there and launches a new business project: "Now I plan to apply to the Damu Fund for a loan for processing raw materials in the agro-industrial sector. We have a house in the village, where we often go, and it hurts me to see how raw materials that could be collected and processed rot. In addition, I have read and heard more than once that it is processing in the agro-industrial sector that is most willingly supported by the state. I have already monitored the equipment market and found units for processing raw materials that are acceptable in price and quality." Women's entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan is developing step by step. The number of companies owned or managed by women is growing. Today, the share of women entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan in the structure of owners of SMEs is 43%. For example, in the USA this figure is 42%, in Turkey and South Korea – 40% each.

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