The story of a mother with many children who realized her dream

Adil Mukanov: how the charity foundation helped the boy fulfill his dream and try himself in photography
Assalaumagaleikum dear brothers. Welcome. I congratulate everyone on one of the upcoming holy holidays – Eid al-Adha. I wish our sky is clear, our country is calm, our families are safe and well-being. Let us always be close to the Good, receive the blessing of our esteemed elders and be compassionate to those in need. May the Almighty accept all our good deeds, accept our prayers and prayers, accept our sacrifice, Amen," says the patron. Our editorial office has repeatedly written about the good deeds of the" masked man". Previously, a man helped to fulfill the dream of a child without hands. He distributed backpacks to schoolchildren for free on the eve of the school year. The blogger took over the operation of both Kazakh families. Gave a house to one of the needy families
And in November, he gave people winter jackets for free.

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